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The Boardwalk Theatre

A ground-up 15,000 sq ft 4 million dollar performing arts venue with seating capacity of 375. This state of the art theater boasts of a 50 ft fly with state of the art fly system and 7 projectors for an immersive experience. This also includes an orchestra pit, changing rooms, showers, and a large lobby with a full service bar and VIP lounge. This building utilizes red iron superstructure with structural insulated panels (SIP) for its outer shell. Westhaven had the privilege of being selected as the General Contractor for the prestigious Boardwalk Theater project. From the outset, we were intricately involved in the design process, collaborating closely with the theater team to create a cutting-edge 375-seat performing arts venue.

This project was made possible through the support of the local community, and Westhaven deeply understood and embraced the significance it held for the people it served. Undertaken during a period of unprecedented market cost increases, we maintained a steadfast commitment to cost-efficiency and value engineering in collaboration with the theater team at every stage of development. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we skillfully navigated these financial challenges to transform the theater's vision into a remarkable reality. The results of our collective effort truly speak for themselves, and we will forever cherish the opportunity to bring Thumb Coast’s first ground-up theater to life.

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