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Grace Senior Living of Rochester Hills

Westhaven Builders successfully undertook the construction of Grace Senior Living's third assisted living facility in Rochester Hills, nestled within the confines of one of the area's few remaining original farmsteads. This project consisted of a 69,000 sq ft $18 million dollar assisted living facility on an 2.5 acres developed site. The site required extensive land clearing and demolition before it could commence.

This fully noncombustible 2 story structure was meticulously crafted using a CFS superstructure complemented by poured concrete floors. Despite the challenges of accommodating such a substantial building on a 2.5-acre plot, Westhaven's expertise prevailed. The logistical intricacies demanded an additional layer of planning, which the team adeptly managed to ensure a smooth project flow.

Drawing upon their wealth of experience, Westhaven adeptly navigated through myriad challenges to create a stunning testament to the Grace Senior Living brand.

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