Current Projects

St Clair Inn
In September of 2017, Westhaven Builders started a 40 million dollar full scale restoration and development project in St Clair Michigan. Comprised of a major demolition and overhaul of the historic St Clair Inn built in 1926, along with four new buildings. Three new 2,000 sq ft cottages and a pool house as well as demolition of the middle of the hotel with a new three story building rebuilt in its place. Complete new infrastructure for supporting this state of the art resort while maintaining the quiet charm the building had when it was first built in 1926 presented new challenges along the way. Westhavens innovative approach and leadership met these challenges head on and the result has led to a full rebirth of the beloved St Clair Inn.
In December of 2018, Westhaven Builders begin a full scale renovation and of the historic Hotel Harrington. Converted to a assisted living facility in the early 1980s, much of the old charm of the old building was removed. Under the watchful eye and with our own in house crews Westhaven is painstakingly restoring the building back to a hotel. Along the way we are bringing back the old charm and original features that made this sought after hotel at the turn of the century. All while adding modern conveniences and safety features that you would find in a building built in 21st century. With Westhavens self perform capabilities we are able to keep cost down while staying true to the vision for the project.
In the heart of downtown St Clair Westhaven Builders has begun construction of a new 20,000 sq. ft. retail building. This building will feature geo thermal heating as well as solar panels on the roof creating one the most energy . efficient buildings in St Clair. Westhaven is leading with its self perform division by erecting the steel super structure framing in the main building and completing the interior build outs. Westhaven will be highlighting its steel fabrication capabilities throughout this building. Westhaven Builders is proud to be leading sustainable building practices within St Clair County. 
Finding new uses for old buildings is at the heart of this project. Westhaven Builders will be converting this old middle school into a multi use building. We will be converting the center of the building into lofts while adding commercial offices on the north end of the building. A state of the art commercial kitchen will be built within this space to assist in the St Clair Inn resort demand for food. This project will revitalize a building that in most places would be torn down. Finding sustainable uses for our old existing buildings is at the heart of Westhaven Builders mission.
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