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1309 Clinton Ave (The Hardware Store)

Westhaven Builders is thrilled about their latest self-developed project—an endeavor close to home with historical roots. Once a local granary in the 1940s and 50s, this space transformed over the decades into a car dealership in the late 60s, then evolved into St Clair's beloved hardware store. Serving the community faithfully for over 40 years, it sadly closed its doors around 2016, remaining dormant until Westhaven Builders acquired it in 2020.

Eager to reimagine this space, Westhaven embarked on a journey of transformation. Extensive interior demolition marked the beginning, accompanied by a complete overhaul of infrastructure—sewer, water, and electrical systems. Tackling the challenge of storm sewer installation required ingenuity, leading to accessing the city storm through an alternative route and paving a new parking lot. The building's facade was meticulously designed by owner Dan Brennan, evoking the charm of a bygone era. Every detail was handled with utmost care, employing cutting-edge synthetic materials without compromising on authenticity.

Westhaven's skilled in-house craftsmen meticulously curated the building's intricate elements, from custom steel windows to refurbished main doors sourced from a historic building in Peoria, Illinois. Preservation techniques developed by Westhaven were employed, overlaying the doors with PVC-based materials for durability without compromising their architectural significance. Extensive research and innovation enabled the team to recreate period-specific details using modern materials, ensuring longevity while preserving the timeless aesthetics of the structure.

This endeavor remains a work in progress, and Westhaven is eagerly anticipating the forthcoming phase—a faithful interior reconstruction that promises to capture the essence of the era.

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